Vose Filed Energy Bill Signed by Governor

On August 3, 2018 at Sig Sauer Academy in Epping, Governor Sununu signed three energy bills, including HB317 filed and shepherded through the legislature by Rep. Michael Vose. GovBillSigning3The bill requires the state public utilities commission to obtain legislative approval before changing the systems benefits charge, a defacto tax that appears on every electric ratepayer’s bill. After the signing ceremony, the Governor and Rep. Vose co-moderated an energy roundtable discussion about the importance of corralling the cost of electricity, especially to the state’s many manufacturing companies.

The Governor underscored this point by stating his reasons for vetoing SB365 and SB446, bills that provide subsidies for biomass generators, and increase the size of hydro and solar generators that can GovBillSigning4participate in net metering and sell back power to their utilities.

Find out more about the roundtable discussion here.