Thank You, Epping!

My wife Denise and I are deeply grateful to Epping voters for your support in the October 8th special election. To earn your trust and confidence gratifies us both, and validates the years of hard work we’ve performed in service to our community. I am also grateful for the support of Gov. Chris Sununu.

Winning this election shows that Epping voters value a strong economy and cherish their personal freedoms. It also demonstrated great community involvement by bringing almost 1,700 voters to the polls. With each candidate drawing over 800 votes, our town has made clear that it values a diverse set of issues. Epping voters, like voters across the country, hew very close to the center of the partisan political divide. I will honor that reality and seek to represent everyone by exploring ways to compromise on issues when possible without losing touch with my conservative principles.

Naomi Andrews ran a great campaign and deserves our heartiest congratulations. I personally appreciated her graciousness and approachability. I look forward to exchanging ideas with her about how to make life better for our town’s residents.

I fervently hope that the enthusiasm generated by this special election carries forward into our town meetings in the coming years. Keep in mind that most of your tax dollars get collected for school and municipal expenses. You can influence those taxes by turning out for deliberative sessions, and by casting your vote.

Let’s continue to work together to make Epping a vibrant and welcoming community.