Assistant Majority Leader 2017-2018MV2HB208DebateEdited

Majority Policy Leader, Science, Technology, & Energy Committee

Member of the Recreation, Resources, & Development Committee

Appointed to three statutory committees to study broadband deployment, electricity costs, and regulation of wastewater discharges.

Appointed to a standing committee to oversee the electricity sector.

Member, House Veterans Caucus

Sponsor of 11 House bills, and co-sponsor of 33 others; the Governor signed five of my sponsored bills into law in 2018

Along with the majority of the NH Legislature:

Passed a Fiscally Responsible State Budget

  • Passed a 2-year spending plan that meets the needs of our state with no new or increased taxes or fees, and no downshifting.
  • Growth in spending over the 2-year budget period is limited to no more than the rate of inflation plus growth in population, ensuring responsible and efficient use of taxpayer dollars.
  • General Funds spending levels for FY2019 will be $85 million less than the Democrat spending plan for FY 2009, passed 10 years ago.
  • The budget increased the Rainy Day Fund from $93 million to $100 million to protect New Hampshire’s bond rating and strengthens our financial position

Passed Responsible, Common Sense Energy Policy

  • Repealed the Electricity Consumption Tax to reduce electricity costs for ratepayers, including businesses and homeowners
  • Required legislative approval for increases in the system benefits charge (HB317)
  • Required electric bills to include the cost of compliance with renewable energy standards

Passed Education Reforms

  • Enabled taxpayers to use credit computed under the education tax credit against taxes due and payable under the interest and dividends tax
  • Increased charter school funding by $250 per student in FY18 and $375 per student in FY19
  • Established the Governor’s Scholarship Program, designed to keep graduating high school students in the state
  • Established a new Robotics Education Development Program and provided $375,000 in grants to school districts to establish a robotics team and participate in competitive events

Passed Expansions of Individual Liberty

  • Legalized the sale of firecrackers 
  • Allowed the playing of home poker games
  • Allowed people to idle a vehicle unattended on his or her own property
  • Allowed entertainers in premises serving alcoholic beverages to drink alcohol while performing